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Roubroo is the cloud orchestration company. With more and more services available in the cloud, orchestration across cloud and ground applications is critical. Built for cloud and running on native BPMN 2.0 engine, Roubroo is uniquely positioned to deliver integrated cloud applications with all the flexibility of on-premise systems on hassle-free cloud deployments. Roubroo’s BPM suite is fully cloud based and helps organizations of all sizes to orchestrate system and human activities across all enterprise applications, whether those applications are on cloud or on-premise.
Roubroo BPMS executes BPMN 2.0 natively. This means that there is no conversion from your process diagram notation to other notations that force you to design processes under constraints of execution. Roubroo allows you to design most complex process patterns with incredible ease and simplicity and execute the exact same process model as runtime application. A true What You Design Is What You Execute (WYDIWYE) engine.
Roubroo is founded by industry veteran Vishal Saxena who has spent the last 15 years designing and engineering process management products and standards. “Working with many BPM products we saw that there is still tremendous gap between what business wants and what IT can implement. We wanted to fill this gap with Roubroo,” said Vishal, further noting, “ Till now BPM products were only targeted towards large enterprises due to high costs and long implementation times. With Roubroo, we enable democratization of BPM and offer best in class product that addressed the needs of small and large enterprises.” The full cloud version is available for free trial.

best grammar app

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