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About the Company

Signavio is a Berlin-based software company focusing exclusively on Business Process Management (BPM). The Signavio Process Editor is a collaboration tool for process design and professional BPA tool, easy to access through its SaaS offering.

The Signavio software is used in many different industries, including telecommunications, retail, media, utilities, automotive, logistics, financial institutions and public sector. The tool scales from small grass-root projects to corporate BPM initiatives.

While Signavio focuses primarily on the modeling and analysis part of BPM, it offers BPM implementation through its network of OEM partners, e.g. Activiti, SAPERION, T!M Solutions, edorasBPM.
BPM Client

Signavio has over 100 customers globally. See for selected examples.



AOK: Signavio process platform for a health insurance company

Professional business process management is an important tool for health insurance companies. An organization-wide process platform is being deployed for the Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse Brandenburg (AOK).

The Signavio Process Editor Enterprise Edition replaces a range of other tools. Several thousand process models are migrated from an ARIS®-installation and automatically fed into the Signavio Process Editor.

"The Signavio Process Editor offers possibilities we simply wouldn't have with other tools. By deploying the process platform we expect enormous synergy effects at AOK Brandenburg. As we have already made excellent experience in previous projects, the Signavio team is the first choice for us." - Dr. Anke-Britt Möhr, Division Manager Central Services at AOK Berlin-Brandenburg

Effective Business/IT alignment based on BPMN

1&1 uses the Signavio Process Editor to face one of the biggest challenges in the dynamic market of telecommunication providers: collaboration on business processes between business and IT departments. Signavio's BPMN 2.0 capabilities as well as the direct integration to the process engine jBPM are key factors for continuous improvements to the end customer processes. The processes are agreed upon from the business side first, then handed over to the IT department and enriched with detailed technical configuration - everything's done in the same tool.

"The user acceptance of the Signavio Process Editor was outstanding from day one. Not many software tools can claim this. The following things were crucial for us as well: platform independence (Linux, Windows, Mac) and the direct integration with the jBPM execution environment." - Michael Salzmann, Head of Software Development Consumer, 1&1 Internet AG



Stable processes as basis for rapid growth

Bigpoint is one of the world's leading browser games companies, known for Seafight, Darkorbit, Farmerama and many other games. The company grows very fast in order to fulfill the ever-increasing number of users. Stable business processes serve as solid basis for keeping control given this rapid growth at the many international locations.

The Signavio Process Editor enables employees of all departments to map out their processes and discuss them with their colleagues. Thanks to Signavio's SaaS offering, new employees can be added flexibly to the workspace and it makes internal balancing easier.

"We needed a powerful BPMN tool. Signavio's SaaS offering has convinced us." - Frank Regel, Head of QM, Bigpoint GmbH



Design of internal and external business processes using BPMN

Being an international distributor for the beauty products brand Paul Mitchell, Wild Beauty relies on smoothless processes. The internal activities as well as interactions with suppliers and customers are at the center of attention.

Process management serves as foundation for the steady growth of the company within and outside of Germany. BPMN and the Signavio Process Editor are used to document the key business processes and evaluate their optimization potential.

"We have chosen the Signavio Process Editor in order to start quickly. The tool provides professional support for BPMN modeling." - Noah Wild, Member of the Board, Wild Beauty AG


WM Fahrzeugteile

Redocumentation of the process and enterprise architecture

Wessels+Müller AG is a medium-sized wholesaler specialized in vehicle parts, tires and garage equipment. Being one of the biggest and most reliable suppliers for car retail and garages, WM Fahrzeugteile runs a sophisticated IT infrastructure supporting enterprise resource planning and logistics. This enables the company to deliver parts within 24 hours.

Signavio’s consulting partner conspective helped to create a comprehensive documentation of the business processes using BPMN 2.0 and the Signavio Process Editor. Especially the dependencies between processes and IT systems have been of main interest. This transparency eases the operations and maintenance of the IT systems.

"WM AG aimed at documenting business processes and IT processes in an integrated model and making it usable for the day-to-day business. The Signavio Process Editor supports by offering the standardized notation BPMN together with WM-specific extensions to the meta-model. The dictionary enables consistent wording throughout the process architecture and fast navigation between related processes." - Thomas Trapmann, CIO, WM Fahrzeugteile



Organizational development at BKK VBU

In order to stay one step ahead in the competitive field of public health insurances, BKK VBU has launched improvement initiative for their organizational strategy. All key processes as well as the organizational structure have been adapted in this context.

The process documentation created using the Signavio Process Editor provides a good overview of the business requirements in the context of this organizational development initiative.

"Signavio's off-the-shelf process documentation solution helps us to reach greater transparency across our organization. Especially the integrated resource planning functionality is of key importance for a health insurance company like us." - Gilda Westermann, Head of Corporate Strategy, BKK VBU



Process-oriented implementation of the CRM system

AutoScout24 GmbH, with its more than 500,000 vehicles sold per month, is one of the best known Internet market places for cars and operates in 18 countries in Europe. The cloud-based CRM system was introduced for supporting more than 37,000 sellers.

The as-is marketing, sales, services and finance processes have been analyzed using the Signavio Process Editor in the course of the CRM implementation project. This was the starting point for defining the to-be process architecture that finally led to a detailed software specification, which in turn is used to carry out the process-oriented customizing of the new CRM system. The process definitions also help to guide the users of the CRM system.

"Optimal tool support during the process analysis has been an important argument for us. It allowed us to easily get the different business departments involved in process design, which helped to reach high quality documentation and specifications." - Andreas Bertsch, Senior Manager CRM, AutoScout24 GmbH



Professional management of product lifecycles using Signavio4T!M

Swisscom IT is in charge of their customers' hardware across the whole product lifecycle. The related processes have a high complexity – many activities, many employees and many interfaces involved. This creates the risk of committing errors.

Thanks to BPMN modeling using Signavio and process automation using the workflow engine T!M - Task in Motion, Swisscom IT is now able to start new processes or modify existing processes at any time. 

"We were deeply impressed that the huge process that took us 20 hours to discuss was implemented in a single day's workshop. Even more so because we know now that it will be as easy to implement further processes by ourselves." - Jörg Lohmann, Product Manager, Swisscom IT Services AG

Read the detailed reference story (German)



Signavio4T!M at BMW M: From Excel check lists to full process support

BMW M realizes more than 1,200 custom requirements per year. For instance, special wishes regarding the wood used or even salmon leather for the interior of the car. Such individual requirements call for individual processes.

Before, every department had their own notes as Excel sheets and Access databases. The introduction of the workflow solution now helps to reduce redundant work and reach clear task distribution, higher data quality and better transparency. 

"T!M – Task in Motion is the ideal solution for us. It only took a very short time to implement the system and run the first processes." - Tanja Mair, Project Manager, BMW M GmbH

Read the detailed reference story (German)


HAW Ingolstadt

Introduction of process management at the University of Applied Science in Ingolstadt

The project "Cooperative quality development - a project of Bavarian universities of applied science for an integrated and systematic quality management" targets at using synergy effects during analysis of their administration processes. This serves as preparation for a possible system accreditation.

The University of Applied Science in Ingolstadt has chosen the Signavio Process Editor in order to professionally support their process management initiative.

"The main reasons for choosing Signavio are the intuitive handling of the tool and the easy administration of the system. Also the excellent user telephone support from Berlin convinced us." - Barbara Rehr, Chancelor, HAW Ingolstadt


EDEN Maturity Model for BPM

BPM-Maturity Model EDEN e.V.: Decentrally organized BPM

The maturity model "EDEN" allows a benchmark of organizations regarding their process orientation. It was developed by the BPM-Club special interest group "Business Process Excellence" that is composed of a number of process managers and process management experts from many companies.

The association "BPM-Maturity Model EDEN e.V." uses the Signavio Process Editor and its collaboration features for their internal business processes.

"Of course, process orientation is a central topic for an association that propagates a maturity model for BPM. Signavio enables us to document and maintain the process architecture of our association in a collaborative way." - Sven Schnägelberger, Chairman, BPM-Maturity Model EDEN e.V.



gtz: Process management for development aid

Process models can help to facilitate the coordination of project partners in global development aid initiatives. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (gtz) helps to setup sustainable energy supply in Bolivia.

Thanks to Signavio’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform the project partners could start immediately and jointly work on process documentation.

"We were amazed that we could drive our process initiative that quickly -- without any tool training." - Klas Heising, gtz Bolivien


Apaxo  GmbH

Apaxo: A focus on processes right from the start

It is important to understand and continuously improve the own processes, also for small and medium-sized companies - especially in times of growth. Apaxo GmbH documents its business processes for designing the interactions with partners, integrating new employees quickly and keeping an eye on the IT requirements. Some processes are automated and numerous process steps are being carried out outside the organization. Preserving an overview is of key importance.

Apaxo opted for BPMN and the Signavio Process Editor as a Service in order to manage the processes behind professionally.

"The software as a service offering is ideal for us. We avoid the investment risk and we can start immediately - without any software installation. We can rely on high availability. That way we always stay focused on our processes and our core business." - Manuel Blechschmidt, CTO, Apaxo GmbH


Humboldt-University Berlin

Process modeling in academia - free and easy with the Signavio Academic Initiative

Lecturers, researchers and students can now use professional business process management through the Signavio Academic Initiative. A dedicated installation is available free of charge, including all features. No hassle with organizing licenses. Lecturers can invite their students into their process work space and distribute modeling tasks.

The BPMN Teaching Package contains a number of exercises that can be reused in lectures directly. Additional functionality specifically targeted at an academic audience, e.g. support for Petri nets and extensive functionality for formal verification, allow for a deep-dive into the semantics of process modeling languages. Contact usThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , if you are interested in the package.

"Thanks to the Signavio Process Editor we get extensive support at the Humboldt University: We avoid time-consuming software installations, can rely on a high-quality realization of the different process modeling languages, e.g. BPMN and EPC, and we even get exercises, that we can directly use in university classes." - Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Bpm Tools

Refer to for a product overview.

Product overview

Understand, optimize and implement business processes. This is what professional business process management does – using professional tools.

The Signavio Process Editor provides easy access to professional business process management thanks to innovative web technology. It allows to incorporate more employees or even business partners, suppliers and customers into the process of process design.

Are you new to process modeling? The Signavio Process Editor is the ideal entry point into professional business process management. Create transparency throughout your organization and avoid big investment into overpriced tools.

Are you unhappy with your current tools? Does the current support contract expire and force you into expensive new licences? The Signavio Process Editor is a functionally attractive alternative at a competitive price. You can involve all stakeholders into process design using the Signavio Process Editor. Increase process innovation and identification with your processes throughout your organization. We will care about a migration from your current tools.

Signavio Process Editor – without upfront investments or with your own installation

Our Software as a Service offering allows you to avoid software installations and capital expenditures. The system is hosted on our servers. You can start right away and you can decide on a monthly basis how many users you have accessing the process repository.

Opting for an On-Premise Installation provides you with your own installation of the server component in your data center. Your employees can access the Signavio Process Editor via your Intranet (if desired also partners, suppliers and customers). You can specify access rights, defining who should be able to view, comment or edit which model.

Core BPM Strengths

Easy to setup and easy to use BPMN modeling environment that also satisfies professional demands. The Signavio Process Editor helps to get everybody involved in process design: process participants, idea providers, process owners, modeling experts as well as process engineers.

Projects Been Part

Academic Partners hpi-small Humboldt-small QUT-small TUe-small stevens-small Stuttgart-small

Do you have questions about the BPM Academic Initiative? Then please contact us.

Already an academic user of Signavio? Log in here.

Workforce For BPM

While Signavio staff concentrates on the development of the Signavio Process Editors, projects are delivered through the Signavio partner network which consists of more than 75 partners globally.

Anyother Services

Signavio provides introductory training to BPMN modeling and usage of the tool. Further coaching or even certification programs are offered through the Signavio partner network.

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