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Savvion Business Process Manangement

Hi ,
I am beginner to Savvion BPM development, anybody will just point me to understand how to develop application and deploy it and flow.
Please point me some tutorial for this.
Your suggestion would help me a lot.

Accessing Class Properties and Methods from Bizlogic Form

Hi there,
I have a simple bizlogic process flow created which consists only one activity "Activity1" whose presentation is "Form" and class "Hello" is located at path "src/java/test/" and contains method getData() which simpley returns "Hello" string.
I would like to create an instance of this class and access the method from "Activity1".
Can somebody  tell me what steps needs to be followed in order to accomplish this?

How to create dynamic instance in Savvion?

If i want to create an instance of an application from outside Savvion,what all i need to do?

Create an instance using external application

i want to create an instance using external application. how can i achieve this ?

PDF Generation with Savvion

Hi Abhishek,
I have code to create the pdf  with dynamic dataslot and all..
If I run that in savvion as java application ,
its creating the pdf and I can even see that pdf  in specified place..
When I run it as the whole savvion application
means deploy it in server then I am not getting the pdf ...
I tried giving absolute path and tried to retrieve the path saved and even in current directory also ..
Nothing is wrking out..
can u plss help me
(que is where is my pdf getting saved??)

Installing Savvion Business Manager

My Bizlogic scheduler got stopped...and when i checked into the log its saying like
"Failed to obtain database connection from DataSource"
I am not able to figure out why is it happening
Can u plz help me out
I am enclosing the attachments

PDF generation with dynamic details

I have a pdf document in which I need some values to be fetched dynamically. For example consider a sample.pdf as follows please tell me how I could generate a pdf for the same
Date: 09/06/2012
The Invoice having INVOICE NO: 1223 has been verified and approved by:
Senior Manager: Mithlesh Ahere
Accountant: Pooja Anand
Goods verifier: Sathish Gowda
Everything shown in bold needs to be generated dynamically.

Dynamically Applying Style

I have form in which I have called DBAadapter and got the grid for values to show.
Can I color a one coloumn of it , based on the values coming from the database.
Like -->
I have one column called "status"
values inside is "checked" or"unchecked"
SO now can i color the "checked" cell  into green color and "unchecked"  color into yellow
that to dynamically..
can you please help  me in this?

Save Button in Savvion

I hav a prob in using the save button given by "Savvion" so thought of using the customized one.
The problem with the save button given by savvion is ... it will save the instance not the details .
I am using a form where on saving two things should happen ,one the details entered in the form should be saved and  the values entered should be retained in the form which is not happening. how can i achve this ? 

Grid in Savvion - Dynamic

Hi Abhishek
I have created grid to show the database columns.
But I want these columns in form, interms of grid.
So how to mapp the columns into grid??
I wrote *.sjs file also with 3 column but that is equalent to static right??
I used service option also but still not wrking...
How will we get the dynamic rows into grid??
I have gone through your post abt grid but its creating a static grid ,...
Hw can we create dynamic grid??

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